Mouse traps and poison are popular options for addressing an infestation in your home. However, if you have a tiny dog, you must take precautions to prevent your pup from ingesting the poison or getting involved in any risky situation. Smaller dogs, in particular, may be tempted to eat a trapped mouse if they see one. The following are some other dangers of mouse traps to your small dog:

Poisoned from the Bait

Poisonous bait is one of the most common forms of mouse control, as it is very effective in ridding your home of pests. However, it can be harmful to both pets and humans. If you use this method, you must be careful to keep children and pets away from the bait.

The first thing to consider is whether you will use a traditional or electronic trap. If you are using a conventional trap, you will need to keep the bait in a sealed container, like any other poison, and store it out of reach of pets and children.

With electronic traps, you will place the bait in the device, killing the mouse silently and cleanly. Because your pet will not see blood, they won’t be as tempted to eat the rodent, but you still will want to be careful to keep your pet from coming in contact with the device. Electronic traps are a much safer option for families with pets, as there is no danger of a puppy opening the trap and being exposed to the poison.

Injured from the Trap

Another danger of using a mouse trap is that your pet may get caught by it if the trap is not set properly. The trap should be placed in a well-lit area with a good amount of traffic to avoid your pet getting caught.

The trap should be placed either directly on a mouse runway, or near a common mouse entry point, like a hole in the wall or a gap by the baseboard. This will make it easy to get the mice. However, be careful not to put your pet at risk from a trap not appropriately set.

If your pet is injured, the injury will be much more severe than if it results from a fight with another animal. If your dog catches a mouse in a trap, it will likely panic and start running around your home. In the process, they may break their leg, become tangled in the trap, cause further injury, or get stuck in a wall or underneath a piece of furniture.

Overdose on Anticoagulant Bait

Anticoagulant bait is a poison that is used to kill mice. It works by thinning the blood and causing major internal bleeding. This poison is often considered the most humane option, as it destroys the mice quickly without causing pain.

The poison causes the blood to clot, and a clot can block the blood flow to the heart and result in a heart attack. If a small dog eats the poison, which they will if hungry enough, they could die this way. You must take extra precautions around mice if you have a small dog.

In addition to the risk of your pet being exposed to the poison by eating a mouse that has been poisoned, they could be exposed by licking their feet or fur. This is because mice often urinate as they run around your home and if a small dog steps in the urine, they could be exposed to the poison. For this reason, keeping your dog on a leash is vital if you have poisoned mice in your home. It is also essential to clean up the mouse droppings you have seen in your home.

Seizures from the Electroshock

As mentioned, a danger of using an electronic trap is that you need to set it up so that your small dog cannot come in contact with it. The trap is set up with a battery and a receiver, a ramp for the mouse to run up, a trigger to set off the trap, and a small compartment for the mouse to fall into.

Once the mouse enters the compartment, the trap will electrocute the rodent and kill it. This can be very dangerous for a small dog, which could be tempted to run to the compartment and eat the mouse. If your dog does get caught in the trap, the electricity could make them start convulsing and injure it. 


Getting rid of mice is a must, but it is crucial to do so while preventing your small dog from being exposed to harmful chemicals or getting injured. If you need to remove pests in your home, remember to take several precautions. 

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