Is Pest Control Magic?

NO, IT’S A PROCESS. Prowess Pest Control will begin with an initial treatment designed to rid the home of any existing pest problems. A licensed technician will inspect, identify, and treat all existing infestations in and around your home. Your first regular quarterly service will begin the following month when your licensed technician returns to disrupt the pests’ egg cycle. The key to effective pest control is regular preventive maintenance. After the first two back-to-back services, Prowess will return once per season (every 3 months) to ensure your home remains pest free. A call will be placed 24 hours in advance to notify you of the date and time of your upcoming quarterly appointment.

  • Winter If you think the weather is too cold or the ground is too hard to be concerned with bugs—think again. Most bugs are not active during the winter months, but they are very much alive. They are overwintering—which is like a type of hibernation for critters. You can be sure that as soon as the weather is just right, they will be up and ready to invade your space again. Prowess Pest Control’s treatment during the winter months will keep the pest population in check so that when spring comes you can bear through without the pests.
  • Spring is the time where the world is alive with twitterpation (see: Bambi); everything is growing and thriving, and the pest world is no exception. The conditions we love—sunny days, mild temperatures, and spring rain—are also conditions that are conducive for pest survival and reproduction. When the pests are moving, Prowess Pest Control will keep your home’s protective barrier active, so the pests don’t make it inside.
  • Summer is known for backyard barbeques, baseball games, and unfortunately, it’s also known for bugs. We don’t need to tell you why you need pest control in the summer—just look around and you’ll see the bugs crawling and flying around. But with quarterly protection from Prowess Pest Control, you can take back your home and yard from the bugs and spend your time enjoying summer instead of enduring it.
  • Leaves are beautiful when they change color and fall slowly to the ground. But when they pile up and compact near the base of your home, these decaying leaves not only provide a perfect harborage for pests, it is also prime feeding material for those pests who eat organic matter. And as the weather cools, these pests find cracks and crevices to sneak in your home and warm up. With a quarterly protection plan from Prowess Pest Control, we can stop those pests dead in their tracks before they make it to your Thanksgiving table.
A Treatment Reason for Every Season

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The mission of Prowess Pest Control is to increase the standard of living and the quality of life for clients, employees, and the community through safe, dependable pest control service. Pests are more than a nuisance; they can be a serious risk to your home and family. Your safety is our number one priority. Prowess’s progressive solutions provide customers with a pest-free environment and protect against unwanted invaders inside and outside the home.