Initial Treatment with Quarterly Service

The Quarterly Plan is by far the best option for long term pest eradication. Your Pest Control Technician will treat your home every three months as scheduled. This time frame is chosen specifically because of general pest life cycles and the way products are formulated to work. This attention to detail does not stop with the choosing of the schedule; your Pest Control Technician will systematically inspect and treat the outside of your home for invaders with the best kill-on-contact and active residual products -- checking cracks and crevices and entry points, known pest harborages like mulch beds and walkways, and up in the eaves where spiders and wasps tend to nest – all while creating a band barrier of protection around the base perimeter of your home.

One Time Service

While the Quarterly Plan is the best option for long term pest eradication, an unusual or immediate pest issue may arise at your home or maybe the bugs that usually don’t bother you would be a particular nuisance during a special event you have planned. In this situation, we understand a One Time Service may be a preferred option for customers. Depending on the pest problem and area we will customize a specific and effective one-time punch to help you deal with your immediate pest needs. If future issues arise, or to keep pest at bay for an extended amount of time we would recommend quarterly services.
Common Mosquito

Mosquito Control

Our regional wet, warm weather makes a perfect breeding habitat for mosquitoes. There’s no way around it. But knowing how, where and when they breed has helped us to develop a no-fuss way to take care of them. We come out every 21 days and treat around your home and yard using specialized equipment while carefully avoiding pollinators and plants. Service is automatic, and you don’t need to be home during the application so there no service interruptions to disrupt the schedule and leave your home and yard vulnerable to those disease carrying pests.


You never want to see them. And once you see one, you’re sure there are more. It may be true; they are smart and adaptive. Their egg sacks are attached to their abdomen, protecting them until they are ready to be hatched. And those up to 50 eggs upon maturation can rapidly reproduce-- which is why a more aggressive schedule than the quarterly service is usually required to eradicate the issue. With the German Roach Add On service a combination of regular, coordinated treatments using the best baits, flushing agents, and residual treatments will give you your home back.
close up huge cockroach dead
selective focus of golden retriever dog playing with rubber ball

Flea and Tick

Fleas and ticks are commonly associated with your pets. But they are more than just a nuisance for your four-legged friends, they can transmit severe diseases to your whole household, lying in wait until a suitable host becomes available. Both of these types of ectoparasites—an organism that lives on the outside of its host-- can lurk around and be brought into your home and yard. Coupled with the appropriate oral pet medications as recommended by your veterinarian, our aggressive treatment can take care of fleas and ticks throughout the different stages of their life cycle.

Rodent Control

That isn’t Mickey and Minnie scurrying across the kitchen floor at night—little nibbling, burrowing mice and their larger counterparts can get into your home, your pantry, and once you see or hear them-- into your constant thoughts. Common entry points like around ducts, cracks and crevices, garages and open doors can leave your home vulnerable when the weather turns colder or construction or habitat destruction sends rodents looking for a new home. You don’t want to deal with setting traps and catching mice—that’s our job. Our Pest control Technicians will inspect your home and make a strategic plan using integrated pest management to make sure your home is critter free.