Rats are dirty pests that bring disease and destruction into your home. To prevent them from taking up residence in your house, you need to make sure there’s nothing that would attract them.

Here are six things that might attract rats to your home:

1. Pet Wastes and Open Garbage Cans

Rats eat all kinds of things, including pet wastes and garbage. These things attract rats and provide a breeding ground for bacteria and other diseases.

Keeping their wastes in a covered bin would be best if your pets are outside. And if you’ve got anything in your trash that can’t be thrown out, don’t leave it out for more than an hour. If you have an outdoor compost pile, keep it at least three feet from your house.

2. Water Puddles and Leaky Pipes

Water is a necessity for the life of a rat. They need water to survive and will find water in the most unusual of places.

Puddles of water collected on your house foundation are a haven for rats. Remove leaky pipes and repair damaged foundation areas that might allow water to collect.

3. Warmth and Shelter

Rats like to be near people because they provide warmth and shelter. To prevent rats from residing in your house, you must ensure your house is as rat-proof as possible. This means keeping holes smaller than a quarter patched and inaccessible to rats.

If you have outside storage areas, ensure they are well-constructed and free of holes. Also, make sure trash cans have good lids and keep pets out of the area.

4. Vegetation and Indoor Plants

Rats are known to eat almost anything, including house plants. Aside from mice, rats can do more damage to your plants than any other type of pest.

Rats are also attracted to vegetation, so ensure you trim any overhanging tree branches that could provide hiding spots for rats. Also, keep your lawn mowed and debris-free, as this is a haven for rats.

5. Clutter and Other Materials They Can Nest in

Rats will find and nest in almost anything, including boxes, bags, and other materials accumulated in your garage or trash cans.

Make sure you throw out cardboard boxes and other containers quickly. You can also store this clutter in a secure wooden shed or storeroom to prevent rats from getting into it.

6. Various Kinds of Food

Rats have an insatiable appetite for almost anything edible. These include cereals, cereal boxes, meats, vegetables, paper, and pastry products.

This is what makes rats a pest for many homeowners. If you have a supply of pet food, make sure to keep the box tightly sealed. You might also want to consider putting your pet’s food in a sealed container after scooping out your pet’s dinner.


Rats are a problem for many homeowners, especially if these pests invade their homes. Still, they can be prevented. The key is to ensure you don’t attract them; however, read how to get rid of them if you do.

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