Organic Nature of Our Products

The Chrysanthemum flower has a natural insecticidal property found in the Oleoresin extract. Prowess Pest Control uses pyrethroids, a synthetically reproduced version of that organic botanical ketoalcholic ester. Pyrethroids serve the same purpose as the natural insecticide but provide a LONGER RESIDUAL EFFECT and are 50 TIMES LESS TOXIC. Pyrethroids can be found in topical head lice treatments, many pest treatments for household pets and are less toxic than ordinary table salt.

Environmentally Conscious

Prowess is proud to use products that have no odor or visible residue. Our products are effective enough to use in warehouses and manufacturing plants but safe enough to treat schools, day care centers, nursing facilities, veterinary clinics as well as your home.

Safe and Effective

Your continued safety in conjunction with successful treatment for household pests is Prowess’s number one priority. We use the state-of the-art pyrethroids that control over 50 different pests. These organic products prevent communication to a key neurotransmitter, specific only to insects—posing virtually no harm when used in residential areas.


About Our Owner

I first started working in the pest control industry in 2004 in Houston Texas and had zero interest in making it a career. After experienced some success in Houston I was recruited by a company in Southern California and worked for them for 3 years. Soon I realized my desire to one day own my own company and that lead me to opening my first pest control business in North Carolina in 2008. With the news of baby number 3 on the way in June of 2012 we wanted to be closer to my wife’s family so we started researching markets adjacent to Mississippi. After spending a long weekend as a family in Birmingham it was top on our list. We opened Prowess in 2013 with zero customers and have been boot strapping ever since. To be able to look back and see what we’ve accomplished and how good this area has been to us, we truly feel blessed. Having been licensed in Texas, California, and North Carolina, I have a lot of different types of experience. My broad experience with the ‘Get It Done’ Texas pest control attitude all the way to the ‘Red Tape Extremely Environmentally Conscience’ California attitude, I had the perfect mix of pest control experience for the Birmingham area. I have taken a little bit from all the places I have been licensed and worked in, and formulated an effective, but Eco-friendly process and service. At Prowess, we study the individual pest and circumstance we are treating. If we know the tendencies, life cycles, food sources, and preferences of the bugs, we can be more effective in ridding your home of them.

Exterior of Prowess Pest Control

About His Family

I married a southern girl from Mississippi in 2007 and after spending time away from both families for 6 years, being closer to her family was a big factor in us moving to Alabama. Together my wife Lauren and I have four children, Brody age 11, Peighton age 10, Willy age 7, and Davis age 4. We couldn’t pick a better place to raise our family. The kids are very involved in the sports communities and we love it. The kids play flag football, wrestling, baseball, softball, basketball, and dance.


Meet Wendy!

I’m from Tennessee.  GO VOLS! That’s right, I said it. Good ole Rocky Top. 

I love music, dancing, dogs and my family and friends but I hate bugs! LOL

I’m a huge concert goer and a left over Duranie from the 80s.  Yes, I’m telling my age but IDC because Duran Duran rocks! 

I’m married to a wonder man who is also my best friend. He puts up with me, that makes him superman. 

I’m not only the office manager here at Prowess Pest Control but I’m also a foster mom and volunteer with Two by Two Rescue.  “Adopt don’t shop!”

Now days, our pets are part of the family.

 We, at Prowess Pest Control, take that very seriously. All of our products are pet and family safe.  You can feel confident knowing your fur babies will not be harmed by the products we use. Treating your yard with a granule is important for your pets because it reduces the number of fleas, ticks and ants.  However, please make sure your pets are on a monthly flea/tick prevention. Without the preventative your pets become the host. The fleas/ticks will still be drawn to your pets even if the yard is treated. Also, during the warmer (hot) months, mosquitoes are a huge issue. Please consider using our mosquito service from April thru September and make sure your furry friends are on a heartworm preventative.  If you have any questions regarding pet products needed for prevention, we will be happy to help you. Just give us a call.