A mouse or even a rat may enter the house during the winter. However, there are alternatives to poisoning that cause substantially less unnecessary suffering, such as humane mouse traps and deterrents.

Mice and rats are more prevalent in gardens over the winter, but as long as they remain there and don’t damage your shed or anything else, they shouldn’t be a problem.

What attracts rats to your house, how to effectively get rid of them, how to prevent them from returning, and where to find rodent control in Birmingham, AL are all covered in this blog. 

What Attracts Mice and Rats To Dwell In Your House?

The two main things that might tempt mice and rats into your house are food and shelter. If you don’t pick up food waste properly, rodents will enjoy it on the floor or other surfaces.

Rats and mice also need shelter throughout the winter to avoid the worst of the cold. The same may be said regarding their desire for a warm, comfortable place to raise their children. The perfect home is cozy with lots of hiding places, and a messy home is even better.

Since mice and rats can squeeze through openings as tiny as 2 cm in diameter, any little hole to the outside can serve as a rodent gateway right into your house.

What Problems May Mice and Rats Cause?

In dwellings, rodents frequently only cause minor problems; of those with yellow-necked mice, 42% report damage to indoor furnishings and structures, 31% report food damage and 9% report damage to insulation and wiring. 18% of people are unharmed.

Since chewed wire may start fires and is expensive to repair, it is a problem.

How To Remove Rats and Mice in Your House

  • The snap trap is a kind of mousetrap that kills mice swiftly.
  • Despite the allure of live traps like the one seen above, releasing the animal into the wild would probably end in its demise since it will be exposed to predators. Furthermore, if you don’t move the rat or mouse more than two kilometers, it can return home before you do.
  • Indoor devices that use ultrasound or electromagnetic interference can successfully keep rats and mice out of houses. However, do not use them if bats are inside the house or on the roof.
  • Anticoagulant mouse and rat poisons cause a painful, protracted death. 40% of barn owls, polecats, stoats, and weasels have rodenticides in their body due to eating poisoned food. Problems may also develop if the rodent is consumed before it passes away. Additionally, at risk are both kids and animals.

Preventing rats from entering your house is the best long-term solution. You may also seek help from a company that offers pest control services. 

How To Keep Rats and Mice Out of Your House

The only thing you can do right now is to thoroughly clean and organize everything to get rid of any lingering food scents. Deal with it immediately and wash it up since rodents will devour anything left out. All food, especially dry and compost waste, should be sealed in a box.

Second, make sure your house is as airtight as you can make it. Clean out cabinets, repair significant floorboard gaps, patch holes in exterior walls or skirting boards, and clear out any debris used as nesting material.

Since rats and mice have acute senses of smell, strong scents like peppermint oil make them uneasy. Cotton wool balls should be put in the corners of rooms or close to probable access points after being soaked in 8–10 drops of peppermint essential oil. There are also plug-in devices that emit a high-frequency sound that rats find repulsive; these could be helpful.

In contrast, if you enjoy cats and have been looking for a reason to invite a feline companion into your home, this is it!


If you’ve tried to gently remove rats from your home but still suspect an infestation, it’s worth calling a company that offers pest control services for assistance. Rats may carry diseases, including Weil’s sickness, so ensure your house is clean and healthy for your family!

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