Mosquitoes can be a huge annoyance. They seem to start the party at sundown and keep it going all night long. We’ve all had enough of the chirping, buzzing, and second-hand swatter action. This article is intended to provide you with information and practical tips for reducing mosquitoes around your home and yard.

Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Long grass is a haven for mosquitoes. If you want to reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home, the first thing you should do is cut your grass. 

Mow your lawn about once a week so that it’s no longer than three inches. Shorter grass will allow less water to stand on the surface and there will be less food for mosquitoes.

Switch to Yellow Bug Lights

Light-colored bulbs attract fewer mosquitoes than dark bulbs. Mosquitoes are attracted to most lighting, including candles, lanterns, flashlights and any other light emitting from your home. If you must use light outside, choose a yellow bulb or yellow incandescent light. Blue and black bulbs appear to attract most mosquitoes.

Set Up Fans on Your Deck and Patio

Mosquitoes are not strong fliers. A simple fan will help to blow them back into the woods; if you do have a deck or patio, set up a fan to blow mosquitoes away from your home. This will help to keep them out of your living space.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes around your home, you’ll need to get rid of any standing water. This includes birdbaths, toy buckets, patio furniture, and other water containers. Store these items in sealed plastic bags during the mosquito season and empty them at the end of the season.

Plant the Right Plants

Some plants can repel mosquitoes. Plants like marigolds, citrus, and sage won’t directly kill the mosquito, but they will help to repel them. When the mosquito bites the plant, it senses the plant’s odor and flies off to find a more welcoming host. 

Planting these plants in your yard and around your home will reduce the number of mosquitoes that make it to the homeowner.

Replace Your Rain Gutters and Repair Broken Vents

Make sure that rain gutters are clear of any leaves and other debris. Leaves can hold water, and mosquitoes love standing water. Opt to have your gutters cleaned professionally to ensure that they are clear and free of debris. A deep clean can also fix any potential leaks if you’re lucky enough to have a gutter system with no holes. If you have a hole or crack in your gutter system, you can quickly fix it with a gutter repair kit.

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes around your home, you’ll need to take several steps to reduce the mosquito population. By trimming your grass, planting plants, and getting rid of standing water, you’ll have a better chance of reducing the mosquito population around your home.

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